Pay Less With Used Dog Grooming Tubs

A dog grooming tub makes the job of giving a bath to your dog easier with lot of features available in it. It is easier to control the pet when using such a tub. Hence it is necessary to buy one for yourself at home so that you can use that to groom your dog.

They are available in the market from to above 00. the quality and the features you get depends on the amount you are ready to spend for the dog grooming tub. Not all can afford to buy the models that are in the range of 00. However you can also buy such models if you look for them in the second hand market. There are people who would like to sell their old tubs if they opt to go for another model with more features. In such cases if you get hold of that customer you can get it for lesser amount which could be a fraction of the cost of the new model. You pay less for such grooming tubs and get the features of the high end model.


Since some of the models of dog grooming tubs are made of stainless steel, they are more durable than new plastic models that you buy. Hence you can go for such stainless steel models from the existing users of that product. You can look for such products in warehouse sales. People who relocate other places due to change of job might not take those products with them. They would like to sell for any amount they get at that time. You can use such opportunities to buy them.

Pay Less With Used Dog Grooming Tubs

Although it is exciting to get such used, good quality products, it is not easy to find them. You can browse through the classifieds in your locality or community centers. There are also many classified websites that list used products. You can also place a classified yourself that you are seeking such a product and it might get you some response if anybody is willing to sell their used dog grooming tub.

If you own a tub for grooming, you will be spending less on the professional grooming services. You can save a lot of money on that since you will be grooming your dog yourself. If it is the first time that you own a pet and want to try the grooming yourself, it is better to pay less and buy a used one and see whether you can manage it. If you can, you can go for a new model later. Hence it is a wise choice to go for a used dog grooming tubs than spend a lot on the new models of dog grooming tubs. By doing so you save a lot of money on grooming tubs as well as fees paid to the professional grooming service.

Pay Less With Used Dog Grooming Tubs

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Saunas Versus Hot Tubs - What Are the Pros and Cons of Both?

There are two major ways in which to heat the muscle tissues and relax the body, mind and soul. Those are the hot tub, or whirlpool, whichever you prefer to call it, and the sauna. Which you prefer really depends on whether you prefer wet or dry heat, but there are some additional pros and cons that you may not be considering when deciding between the two for your personal home spa.

I'm going to discuss my personal opinion of what the pros and cons are between the sauna and the hot tub, and you can decided for yourself which one you think would fit your needs the most. Let me first say that both are known to have great therapeutic benefits when it comes to stress reduction and relaxation, and there are even health benefits that can be realized in addition to that from using them, depending on your situation.


Let's talk first about something that is on everyone's mind these days. Let's talk about the energy consumption of the hot tub vs. the sauna. With everyone concerned not only about the cost of their electric bill, but also about being more "green" or environmentally friendly, the focus seems to be on appliances and other gadgets that run on relatively low energy output.

Saunas Versus Hot Tubs - What Are the Pros and Cons of Both?

Although it really depends on where you live and how much you get charged for each unit of electricity you use, it may be safe to say that a sauna could be only slightly cheaper than a hot tub to run. This is really only because a sauna only requires a short period of heat up time before you use it, whereas a hot tub pretty much has to be heating all day long.

When you add to this the fact that you have to pay for chemicals that have to be added to the hot tub all the time to keep it's pH at a safe level for human contact, the sauna is probably the more economical option in the long run. This of course could be debated depending on individual use of the products, however, as a rule of thumb, a sauna would probably generally be the most economical.

Another consideration you want to make when comparing the two is what the primary purpose of the unit is going to be. I know people who have serious problems with arthritis and other joint problems, and they swear that the weightlessness of being in water, along with the heat is the best winning combination to soothe their aching joints at the end of the day. The weightlessness that you experience, and the soothing noises of the jets and bubbles would not be enjoyed with a sauna, so that is a consideration to make.

On the other hand, if you are primarily looking for a way to soothe soft muscle tissue, as we were when we purchased our far infrared sauna, then this product is probably the best way to go. The reason is that infrared saunas actually are supposed to be able to penetrate the tissues better, and reach muscles that are aching and in need of relaxation.

The dry heat may also be therapeutic for those that have allergies or who generally don't react well to moist environments. I chose the dry unit because I love being in dry environments, whereas being wet actually made me feel more clogged up, and when I got out and got cold, it made my sinuses feel like they were being compromised.

The dryness of the sauna is soothing to people like me because it offers a respite from humid environments and it feels soothing to the lungs and passageways. You can also further the therapeutic benefits by choosing an all natural essential oil like eucalyptus to put in your sauna to also enjoy the aromatherapy being dispersed into the immediate area, further rejuvenating the senses and revitalizing the body.

Some say that sweating in a sauna is a way to detox the body. This of course is a controversial statement, as most traditional medicine states that you cannot detoxify your body this way, however, I personally feel that when I am going in the sauna a few times a week, I get sick less, my skin clears up, and I tend to feel more alert and healthy. Could this all be in my head? Sure, I supposed so, but it is a correlation I have noticed.

As far as maintenance goes, I'd have to say the sauna wins here hands down. Although the hot tub doesn't have much maintenance beyond adding chemicals to it on a scheduled basis, the sauna really requires no maintenance other than any repairs it may happen to need throughout it's life. You also do of course have to tidy it up or clean the floors every once in a while, but beyond that, it is pretty much maintenance free.

I suppose I have a bit of a skewed view when it comes to these two spa-like appliances, but I can definitely see how some people would choose one over the other. Like I said, in the end, it all depends on if you're a water person or not. I love to swim, but I think I love to lay on the dry, hot beach even more, and after all, I guess that is what it all boils down to!

Saunas Versus Hot Tubs - What Are the Pros and Cons of Both?

Danna Norek writes for and owns several natural health and beauty websites, where she frequently reports on her experiences with products and services within the natural health and wellness realm. For more information on the benefits of infrared heat saunas see Far Infrared Sauna Reviews. You can also read about how to get beautiful, acne free skin by not only getting a sauna, but by using the power of another energy, light, to heal the skin here at Blue Light Acne Treatment.

Small Bath Tubs For Small Bathrooms

Most home owners are faced with the dilemma of how to install bath tubs in a small bathroom. You have two options to solve this dilemma. Either you do away with bath tub installation or you can use small bath tubs that will fit in your bathroom.

Small bath tubs can offer numerous benefits for you. That is why you have to make sure that a bath tub can be installed in your bathroom. Here are the advantages you can get from them and some tips on bath tub installation.


Health Benefits

Small Bath Tubs For Small Bathrooms

Bath tubs have dual functions. You can use them to take a bath but they can also provide many healthy benefits. By soaking in a warm bath, you can effectively solve muscle pain problems and muscle soreness.

Muscle pains are common problems of most working people like you. It is not always advisable to take pain relievers because you can develop dependence on these medicines.

A warm bath every night is an effective alternative for taking pain relievers. And you can only achieve full body muscle relaxation if you have a bath tub at home. This way, you will feel reinvigorated and your pains can go away.

Warm bath is also very helpful for those with arthritis, rheumatism, and other types of joint pain problems. Soaking in a warm bath therefore can improve the quality of your life.

Use Small Bath Tubs to Save Bathroom Space

Using small bath tubs is a practical alternative to big and bulky tubs. You can save a lot of bathroom space if you use them. In fact you can install an overhead shower above the bath tub so you can take a bath immediately after soaking in the tub.

Most small tubs are short so you can easily install them in the corner area of your bathroom. This way, your tub will not hamper your movements in the bathroom.

How to Choose the Perfect Small Bath Tub

When buying one, always choose a deep soaking tub. A deep soaking bath tub will allow you to fully soak your body in it. Remember, these are shorter so if they are not the deep soaking types, they would be very difficult to use.

You must also find a small bath tub that has a built-in seat. This seat will allow you to comfortably recline inside the tub for a full body soaking. Without a built-in seat, it would be very uncomfortable to lie down inside the tub.

It is also best if you can find a walk-in small bath tub. A walk-in tub has a specially designed swing-in water tight door. This swing-in door will allow you to easily enter and get out of the tub.

A walk-in tub will be very useful for the elderly who have difficulty climbing in and out of the tub.

When you have a small bathroom, then there is no reason why you cannot install a tub. Just utilize small bath tubs that can fit perfectly into a corner. Because of its many benefits and advantages, you will not regret your decision to install one in your bathroom.

Small Bath Tubs For Small Bathrooms

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Hot Tub Health Hazards - Reasons Why Hot Tubs Should Be Well Maintained

Hot tub maintenance is pretty much easy to do. You just have to make the chemicals balanced and make sure that your filters and sanitation agents are working fine. Choose Hot Tubs Direct strongly recommends that the maintenance of your tubs be kept really well. This way, these health hazards can be avoided. Yes, there are some negative effects of over-soaking, but they are definitely avoidable.

Choose Hot Tubs Direct is informing you of these health hazards, which may only happen if your tubs aren't maintained well. Choose Hot Tubs Direct knows that it is your right to know these things so you, yourself can avoid it. But remember, all these may ONLY happen if you do not keep your water sanitized and clean. So make sure that your water is always treated to avoid these contamination which may lead to these health hazards.


Hot Tub Rash. Medically called a hot tub Folliculitism, this rash is caused by a certain bacteria which appears in your hot tubs if your water doesn't have proper chlorine and pH levels. This bacterium is called pseudomonas. They cause blisters, rashes, and itchy bumps, but in worst cases, they may cause hair loss, scarring, and even boils. Again, these are caused by improper chlorination. These bacteria may cause a huge problem, but they can also be easily avoided.

Hot Tub Health Hazards - Reasons Why Hot Tubs Should Be Well Maintained

Lung Infection. There are bacteria and germs that can travel into a human's body through vapor. These are what cause lung infection. In the case of the tubs, these bacteria can only be present if your water is untreated. Therefore, it still boils down to maintenance. One of these lung infections is the Legionnaire's disease. Worst cases may cause fatalities, so again - keep your tub well-maintained!

Genital Infection. Un-chlorinated water may cause genital herpes. You can get this by sitting in the plastic coated area of the tub - IF and ONLY IF the water is un-chlorinated.

Pregnancy. Choose Hot Tubs Direct does not recommend pregnant women to soak. The heat of the water may affect the brain of the unborn child. There have also been studies that conclude tubs dangerous for pregnant women for it has a high risk of miscarriage and birth defects to the child.

Dehydration. Over soaking may cause dehydration. Choose Hot Tubs Direct strongly advises only 20 minutes of soak time at maximum. If you wish to spend more time in the tub, give a 10 minute interval in each 20 minute soak time. Also, keep your temperature below 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

Alcohol and Drugs. Make sure that you are NOT under the influence of both alcohol and drugs before and while you are in the tub. They may cause drowsiness, which may end up in drowning. It is also strongly recommended that you should consult your doctor first before taking a dip in the tub when you are taking medication of any kind.

Hot tubs, like every other device or appliance, may have health hazards. But always remember that these health hazards can be very easily avoided with proper care and maintenance. Also, Choose Hot Tubs Direct strongly suggests that you should consult your doctor before soaking if you have any medical problems, and consult your doctor if you notice anything unusual happen after your soak to avoid medical and physical inconvenience.

Hot Tub Health Hazards - Reasons Why Hot Tubs Should Be Well Maintained

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Walk-In Bathtubs - Premier Luxury For Everyone

Soaking in a luxurious bath is one of the best ways to wash away stress and fatigue. Unfortunately, since a standard tub is 19 inches high, this is luxury that is not possible for some with handicaps, disabilities, and limited mobility. But now, thanks to the invention of walk in bathtubs, the barrier of stepping up and over is eliminated, and everyone has the chance to enjoy a relaxing bath.

Walk in bathtubs allow you do exactly what the name implies: you can walk right into the tub, similar to a walk-in shower. You may be wondering, how can a fixture that holds water be made so that you walk into it? While this does seem contradictory, the answer is actually quite simple. Walk in bathtubs have a water tight sealing door on the side of them that opens almost to the floor to allow for entry into and exit from the tub. Some models may require a small step, 5 inches at the most.

\"Garden Tubs\"

It's easy to see why walk in bathtubs are becoming popular for accessible reasons, but there are other benefits with them as well. Walk in bathtubs have therapeutic advantages for both the body and mind. Many models come equipped with luxury features including whirlpool jets, heaters, contoured backs, neck rests, and custom seats. Many different colors, styles, and sizes are also available from different manufacturers.

Walk-In Bathtubs - Premier Luxury For Everyone

Walk in bathtubs are actually becoming labeled as a premier luxury bathroom item. Various resort hotels have even started creating handicap accessible rooms with walk in bathtubs for added luxury and accessibility.

Walk-In Bathtubs - Premier Luxury For Everyone

To find out more about walk in bathtubs and other handicap accessible tub options, simply click on the link today. Also, learn about other luxury bathtubs including garden tubs, clawfoot bathtubs, soaking tubs, and steam showers at:

What to Do With Your Old Cast Iron Bathtubs

Cast iron bathtubs are highly sought after objects. They are durable, they are versatile and they can add character and class to just about any bathroom. The problem is that while they can last decades or even longer, the bathrooms that surround them sometimes need repairs or renovations and working around a cast iron bathtub or working the iron bath tubs into the renovation plans can be a challenge-especially if you want to install a newer bathtub or spa! Of course, you don't just want to throw out the bath tub, so what do you do? You recycle it!

There are dozens if not hundreds or thousands of ways to recycle your old cast iron bathtubs.The trick is figuring out which idea works best for your family. Before you set to work digging a big hole in the backyard because you want to turn the tub into a coy pond, it is a good idea to do your research. Decide what you want to do with your bath tub and then figure out how to do it before you start tearing apart your bathtub or cutting into the tub itself. Figure out and draw up complete plans for your project before you attack the plumbing in your bathroom and, if you can, remove the bathtub as a single piece. If you cut into the tub to make the job easier, you might find that you have to re-think your entire project!


Here are just a few of the creative ways people have recycled their old iron bathtubs:

What to Do With Your Old Cast Iron Bathtubs

Planters or Gardens

Some people use iron bathtubs to grow potatoes. Others turn them into decorative herb gardens. Still others choose to use the tubs to grow flowers. One hint: This type of planter works better outdoors because of the sheer amount of dirt and earth that will be needed to fill the tub.

Ponds or Tanks

With the proper cleaning and the plugging of the drain hole, cast iron bathtubs can be turned into small backyard ponds or creatively placed fish tanks. The nice thing about using a cast iron tub as a backyard pond or tank is that you do not have to submerge the tub completely into the earth-you can leave some of it exposed as decoration!

Fountains and Decorations

If you are good with plumbing and water features, a  iron tub can make a great basin for a fountain-a fountain that will work just as well indoors as out. Some people put statues into their cast iron bathtubs to turn them into decorative pieces for the home or yard.


With some creative cutting and welding, you can turn old bathtubs into loveseats, chairs or even accent tables! The movie Breakfast at Tiffanys has a famous cast iron tub turned furniture piece.


Why not put your old  iron tubs in your front hallways to serve as a resting place for umbrellas, boots or even coats and bags? Why not soften the edges and use the cast iron bathtub to serve as a toy box? Better yet, why not install some removable upholstery that turns the tub into a seating and storage combination? The possibilities are endless!

What to Do With Your Old Cast Iron Bathtubs

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