Corner Bathtub Shower

Corner bathtub showers may occupy a small floor space but it can also be designed to be deeper than other large bathtubs.  Corner shower tubs are used well for soaking to sooth oneself, and compared to larger tubs, corner shower tubs can give you a better bathing experience with regular use.  They are also installed as addons for home and bathroom remodels.  If you have a larger bathroom, you can have a tub and a shower in separate quarters.  Luxury bathtubs have room for small space cabinets for storage of all your bathing needs.

Corner bathtub showers are great as nice resting vessels for relaxation.  The luxury and expensive variants can be the focal point of your bathroom.   You can install a custom corner bathtub depending on the dimension and the shape of your bathroom so that you can be more space-efficient.  Corner bathtubs are so space-efficient that they may seem smaller than standard bathtubs, but you can choose a corner shower bathtub that are bigger than any other tub and it will still be more space-efficient.


Corner shower tubs come in many styles made of different materials, but the most common tubs are made of acrylic.  Acrylic bath tubs are more affordable, lightweight and come in many colors.  You can find acrylic corner bathtubs in the nearest home accessories shop.  Since they are simple to install, you can just pick out a tub with the right measurements in a store and bring them in your home.

Corner Bathtub Shower

Acrylic corner shower bathtubs are easier to maintain and clean and it has durable properties to prevent the tub to lose color, scratch, or dent.  You can buy a corner bathtub shower in round, oval, square, and custom shapes.

The first thing that you should consider in a buying a new corner bathtub is the size of your room.  You have to make sure that you have the correct measurements for the space before buying the tub.  You also have to consider the shape of the tub to make sure that the shape fits your body.  You do not need a lot of faucets for your tub especially in the little space that you have.  If you need a shower, it is best to install them separately.  Corner bathtubs are used for soaking your body into hot water.

Corner shower bathtubs prove that you do not need a big space to enjoy a nice soak in a tub.  This bathroom fixture is definitely a great way to enhance your bathing experience.

Corner Bathtub Shower

Corner bath tubs are growing in popularity with the cost of houses going up, one is often forced to settle for smaller room size. Corner bath tubs are perfect for smaller bathrooms while often being able to supply an even more relaxing result than a normal bath tub. You can read more about corner bath tubs at

Walk-In Tub With Hydrotherapy

As people get older, become disabled, or gain weight, the ability to get in and out of a bathtub becomes more difficult. Today there is an alternative with walk-in tubs that allow people to partake in the baths they've always enjoyed, but without the struggle of getting back out of the tub again. Additionally, those with hydrotherapy, which can help remove aches and pains as well as tension, are gaining in popularity.

Although these were priced quite high originally, today they are more affordable than ever. This is primarily due to an increase in the number of manufacturers entering this field. For those unfamiliar with this option, an individual simple opens the door on the side of the bathtub then sits on a built-in bench, then fills the tub and relaxes. This is not only a safer option than a traditional tub, but also affords an element of independence which may have been given up due to physical limitations.


For those who love the jets of a Jacuzzi, many of these tubs now come with a hydrotherapy feature as well. The built-in jets provide a gentle head-to-toe massage that stimulates circulation, reduces the symptoms of many diseases, and eases tension. For this and other reasons, many doctors today are strongly recommending this alternative as they find that recovery time from injuries are reduced and many diseases associated with growing older are reduced.

Walk-In Tub With Hydrotherapy

For those interested in looking into this option, there are many considerations prior to purchase. First and foremost, the tub should not only be safe, but comfortable once sitting as well as fit the size of the space available in the room. Although it is somewhat shorter than a standard bathtub, it is sufficient for the majority of users. Many also include a shower feature and the bench or chair has a surface area of about 17 inches. A non-skid floor is also included and can significantly reduce the chance of an injury occurring when moving in and out of the tub.

The look of this style of tub is sleek and somewhat contemporary so it fits well with many d├ęcors. Best of all once relaxing in the tub, with or without bubbles, the cares of the world can be swept down the drain once done. Since manufacturers of these products are most concerned about the safety, independence, and hygiene of the user, finding the perfect tub for each case is easy.

For those considering this option, it should be noted that it takes about two days for installation to be completed by certified technicians. Once complete, however, the peace-of-mind that results makes its use all that much better. When the hydrotherapy feature is activated, there is little better and the hardest part will be waiting for the next night to enjoy it all over again.

Walk-In Tub With Hydrotherapy

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Better Selections Start With Air Jet Bathtubs

Some of the best ways to describe the type of bathtub that most consumers want include functional, decorative, convenient, durable, and easy to clean. This requires taking the time to research the different brands and styles that are on the market. You will also have to ensure that your current plumbing will accommodate any changes that you want to make with a new bathing system. One of the best choices would be air jet bathtubs with many features to satisfy the serious bather. Having the option to relax and create an in-home spa is important for many people, and these bathtubs are equipped appropriately.

The features of air jet bathtubs will appeal to many people. These include: a chrome plated solid brass grab bar (on most soaker tubs); one horsepower ultra quiet blower; 300 watt heated air injection system; purge/drying cycle to clean air jets; and, multi-functional keypad (normal, pulsating and oscillation). You will get a soothing and bubbling water environment with the air jets from the dozens of small holes that are crafted into the tub. Unlike a whirlpool, the water is not re-circulated in the bathtub. Thus, you will be able to fully enjoy your bathing products such as bath salts, scents and oils and not worry about contaminating the bathing system. With air jets, you will get a more vigorous, therapeutic massage, targeting your feet, upper back and neck, all while you soak in soothing, warm water.


The types of air jet bathtubs include something for everyone. The Kohler K-1151-GRA Archer 5 Foot Three Wall Alcove tub comes with a right hand drain and only costs between ,250 and ,378. This is a reasonable price considering that you will get the Bancroft BubbleMassage, enabling you to customize your bathing experience according to your own physical needs. The 120 air jets will certainly target your individual massage zones that need to be rejuvenated. Another feature of this model includes a variable speed blower/motor with an integral heater for a range of water treatments. The alcove shape of the Archer allows it to fit perfectly in smaller bathrooms.

Better Selections Start With Air Jet Bathtubs

Another consideration for air jet bathtubs is the eco-friendly options it brings to those who want to have greener lives. Less energy is required when you purchase the two horsepower motor models.

Better Selections Start With Air Jet Bathtubs

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How to Move a Hot Tub Or Spa

So, you want to move your hot tub or spa? Wondering how to go about undertaking such a large project. Luckily for you I helped some of my friends move their hot tub. So, you can learn from what we did and make the process go a lot smoother.

Lets take this one step at a time.


The tools and material you need to get started would be 8 pieces of PVC pipe (slightly more or less depending on the size of the spa) and a battery operated or handheld electric saw.

How to Move a Hot Tub Or Spa

Step 1) We start by cutting pieces of PVC pipe. We should keep around five 3-inch pieces and three 4 to 5 foot pieces assuming that you have a truck or trailer.

Step 2) Put the pipe right next to the hot tub such that if you tip the spa to the right onto the its side, your tub would be on top of the PVC pipe. You should turn the pipe such that it rolls in the same direction as you want to go (the spot where you want to move the spa to).

Step 3) Lets assume you have at least four people moving the hot tub (including yourself). On one end, you should two of them and two on the other side right opposite the pipes. Now we can lift the spa till its sitting on the PVC pipes. Don't forget the pipes can roll in this step. Be careful.

Step 4) In this step, you are ready to roll the spa. you are going to be rolling the tub slowly till you remove the pipe at the back and place it in the front. This requires some basic coordination between the four people but nothing crazy. You should keep on rolling this till you have moved it to where you want it to be.

Step 5) This time you lower the spa into the final location

Step 6) This step is for those who are moving the spa outside their house using a trailer or truck. You want to backup your truck to the point closest to which you can move the hot tub safely. Keep the PVC pipe pieces into the trailer. Tilt the spa onto the back of the truck and slide it into the spot that works. Tie it down and take it where it needs to go.

The above steps aren't set in stone. You should be able to use a variation of the above using materials or ideas that work for you. Make sure no one gets hurt. Move slowly and if you must, hire professionals to move it.

How to Move a Hot Tub Or Spa

Whether you are moving a 2 person hot tub or a 3 person hot tub, the process is the same as the above.

How to Get Free Wheelchairs through the NHS

It is possible to obtain a wheelchair either funded or part funded by the NHS through what is known as the NHS Wheelchair Service.

NHS Wheelchair Services are run by local health authorities and are responsible for allocating funds to the wheelchair service and primary care trusts that in turn are responsible for providing the service to the public. This can include contracting the running of the service to a private outside company.


The way the services are organised between different local authorities varies. This includes the eligibility criteria which are used to decide what type of wheelchair to provide and also who is entitled to a funded wheelchair. Timescales between referral, assessment and supply of equipment also varies greatly.

How to Get Free Wheelchairs through the NHS

The basic process is as follows:

Referral to your local NHS Wheelchair service

An assessment of your needs takes place

Timescales and funding options are discussed

Wheelchair and training if needed are provided

A maintenance plan is arranged

(It must be noted that not everyone is deemed to be entitled to a funded or part funded wheelchair. Depending on your circumstances you may be expected to fund or part fund the cost of a wheelchair yourself)

You will be referred to the service by your doctor, consultant, occupational therapist or you they may run a self-referral system. Contact your local NHS to find out details on how to be seen by the Wheelchair Service and for an assessment to take place. It is not uncommon for a wait of between 3-6 months for an assessment date, this varies between local authorities.

Assessments are usually carried out at a NHS Wheelchair Service centre. If transport to and from the centre is a problem then ask your local social services for help with this. During the assessment which will be carried out by a qualified professional your needs will be discussed including all the situations where the wheelchair will be used.

The funding options will be discussed with you and a decision on whether the NHS will fund the cost of a wheelchair or part of the cost will take place. The time between assessment and supply of the wheelchair varies depending on the type of wheelchair and local resources. A made to measure wheelchair can take some months to make, this can take several months.

When the wheelchair is ready there is a handover either at your local NHS Wheelchair Service centre or your home. During the handover you will be showed how to safely use the wheelchair and information on who is responsible for maintaining and repairing the Wheelchair.

It must be said that often the time between being referred and actually receiving your wheelchair (if you are entitled) can be many months, the wheels of buroceracy grind slowly. A lot of people simply can not wait that long only to be told they are not entitled to any funding and decide to privately purchase a wheelchair so as not to effect there quality of life.

How to Get Free Wheelchairs through the NHS

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Why Am I Always So Hot? 4 Causes for Always Feeling Hot

There can be many different reasons for your problem - why am I always so hot? Feelings of intense heat are often referred to as 'hot flushes' and can affect both women and men. Here are some of the more usual reasons people suffer from this complaint.

The menopause


This is the natural change that every woman goes through at the end of her reproductive years. It can have many different effects on the body, but hot flushes are known to be one of the more common. However, these periods of feeling hot can start years before the menopause, and go on for a long while afterwards as well. If the menopause is the answer to your question 'why am I always so hot?' then your doctor can advise on the best course of action for you. There are many options, from natural ones through to hormone replacement therapy.

Why Am I Always So Hot? 4 Causes for Always Feeling Hot


If you eat a diet which is high in spicy foods, then this can be a reason of having hot flushes. Certain foodstuffs, such as chilli, hot peppers or other spices can be a prime candidate for feeling very warm.

Certain medications

Especially those for hypertension, anti depressants or anti anxiety drugs can have flushes as a side effect. All drugs come with leaflet listing possible effects, so make sure you read it. If the problem becomes too bad, speak to your doctor who may be able to change the type of medication.

Certain illnesses

Some medical condition can be the cause, such as thyroid problems or some types of cancers. If you suffer from these then you will need to talk to a medical expert to find out what to do about them.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. If the problem persists then you will need to seek medical advice and ask your doctor 'why am I always so hot?'

Why Am I Always So Hot? 4 Causes for Always Feeling Hot

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How to Fix a Tub Leak Like a Pro

Leaks from a bathtub can be frustrating to diagnose. There are several different possible sources for leaks at tubs and most of them are behind drywall. A leak could be from the valve, the shower head, the tub spout or the drain.

Since each of these possible locations are different, it would be nice to isolate the problem. Before you start cutting drywall there are a few things you can do to try to narrow your choices. Then, even if you do have to cut drywall you will usually have to do less damage.


It Might Not Be A Leak

How to Fix a Tub Leak Like a Pro

First, make very sure that the water is not just running down the corner of the tub past the shower curtain while your someone is taking a shower. Take a very close look at the wall and floor corners at both ends of the tub immediately after they are finished. Pay special attention to the end the shower head is on. I have seen many "leaks" that wound up being caused by water running over the edge of the tub. Enough people have this problem that you can but special little dams that stick in the corner on the tub to block the water.

If you are sure this isn't the problem the next step is to determine whether the leak is from the valve or from the drain.

Water Lines or Drain?

If the leak is constant, even when the tub has not been used, it is a leak on the hot or cold water line. These are under constant pressure and will leak continuously if they are the problem.

If it doesn't leak all the time, it's not from the hot or cold connections. If it only leaks after use you can rule these two connections out and start elsewhere..

The Bucket Test

The easiest thing to check first is the drain side. You don't want to run the faucet because that will screw up this test. Fill a bucket up from another bathroom and use this to fill the tub. I know that's a pain in the neck but it's necessary.

Once the tub is full let it sit for 30 minutes or so and see if the leak shows up. If so, it is from the tub drain. Drain the water and fix the drain. It probably just needs to be removed and re puttied. Clear silicone, though harder to clean up, works great instead of putty.

Pull The Plug

If no leak shows up while the tub is full go ahead and drain the tub, again checking for leaks. If you see a leak now the problem is in the drain piping. You will need to cut drywall to find and repair this. You can start at the wet spot, but you may find that the water has run across the top of the drywall and the spot isn't directly under the leak.

The Water Piping

If no leak shows up from the first test, that leaves the tub spout piping and the shower head riser and connection. The two most likely places to check for a leak are the shower riser and connection and the tub spout piping and connection.

The first thing to do is to pull the escutcheon (trim ring) at the shower head and see if you can see the connection inside the wall. You may have to open the hole a little, just enough so you can see but it will still be covered by the escutcheon. Now run the shower head while looking at the connection with a flashlight.

The Old Toilet Paper Trick

If you can't see it very good, wrap some toilet paper around the end of a screwdriver and hold it under the connection for a minute. Check and see if the paper is wet. If so, or if you can see a leak, you've found the problem. Take the shower head off, stick the handle of your pliers in the end of the bent pipe coming out of the wall and remove the pipe. Put some new teflon tape on the threads, screw it back in and check for leaks.

If you don't find a leak here check the tub spout. If you have the kind of tub spout with a diverter you have to pull to make the water go to the shower head it could be leaking where it connects to the piping and water could be running back into the wall. This is kind of hard to see but some brands have a small opening on the bottom side of the spout to tighten the spout clamp. You can use the toilet paper trick here too. If there is no opening you can try to unscrew the spout and see if the piping behind it is wet. If none of this works you may need to cut drywall behind the tub to really check it out (if you can get to it).

The Last Resort

If you try all of this and still can't find the leak the next step is to start cutting drywall. However, if you can find the source of the leak this way you may be able to fix it yourself and save some money. Even if you don't feel comfortable doing this, you will at least be able to let the plumber know what you've done and minimize the cost of the repair.

How to Fix a Tub Leak Like a Pro

If you want to learn more about this and other Do It Yourself topics, check me out on the web. My name is Bryan Stevens. I am a Licensed Master Plumber and an Accredited Green Plumber with a knack for teaching people how to do their own basic plumbing repairs themselves. I want to give you a great mini-course called "How To Unclog A Toilet And Other DIY Plumbing Tips". To claim your FREE copy visit: How To Unclog A Toilet

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Creative Ideas For Landscaping Around Hot Tubs

Why does the landscape designing one does to surround a hot tub differ so greatly from ordinary landscape planning? Perhaps it's because you have a raised hot tub. Sure, you can just put down a layer of mulch, but it will be painfully obvious just how little you spent and how little effort you put into your so-called landscaping.

Ideas for landscaping around hot tubs don't have to be complicated to look nice. The first option is to simply purchase some nice looking planters or pots and some of your favorite shrubs and flowers to surround the hot tub. I like to take two larger pots and place one on each side of the steps. Then I plant two narrow finely manicured trees that will never grow out of the pot or become too tall. This frames the entrance to your hot tub making it inviting and beautiful.


The very best approach would be to integrate landscaping designs for appearance with what I personally feel are highly desirable landscaping ideas for privacy. One such an arrangement could involve putting up a screened-in gazebo, which will highlight your hot tub and also make it usable when it's rainy out or when the insects are swarming. Surround the hot tub by attaching some simple window planters filled with beautiful blossoms. And if gardening really isn't your thing, you can always use silk flowers which will require very little care.

Creative Ideas For Landscaping Around Hot Tubs

The options for ideas for landscaping around hot tubs just never end. For example, there is an Oriental theme. You could put together a pergola to get the right mix of sunlight and shade. Another good option is to set out some planter boxes and fill them with pretty plants or shrubs that are native to your area. These touches will make your hot tub feel like part of the landscape, even if you just put it in.

The absolutely ideal hot tub would be a built-in set alongside a full-sized swimming pool. A miniature jungle would coordinate perfectly with those two elements. You only have to add several planters in groups of 3 (since odd numbers of items are always more appealing to the eye). If you use a variety of sizes for the groupings, you will create a terraced appearance. Hibiscus bushes, mini palm trees, and some draped strands of ivy will complete the tropical atmosphere.

There are so many ideas for landscaping around hot tubs that this only touches on the many possibilities. However whenever landscaping around a hot tub you must remember to still allow for the drain of the hot tub to be open. You wouldn't want to flood all your lovely landscaping while refilling the hot tub. Remember that you can be as creative as you want. Make it your own backyard oasis.

Creative Ideas For Landscaping Around Hot Tubs

Ideas for landscaping around hot tubs don't have to be complicated to look nice. When it comes to the area around your hot tub, it's important to have landscaping ideas for privacy. The first option is to simply purchase some nice looking planters or pots and some of your favorite shrubs and flowers to surround the hot tub. I like to take two larger pots and place one on each side of the steps. Then I plant two narrow finely manicured trees that will never grow out of the pot or become too tall. The Asian backyard hot tub is a great example.

Go For The Trusted Quality Of A Top Brand Bathtub

Most people are very particular when it comes to their bathtub, especially when it comes to different brands of bathtubs. In one way, it is fair enough, who would not want to have a branded, sophisticated bathtub?

Well, this article is going to take you through some of the brands of bathtubs that are not only sophisticated but they are durable and worth having.


Kohler Bathtubs

Go For The Trusted Quality Of A Top Brand Bathtub

The Kohler bathtub is named after John Michael Kohler, founder of the Kohler company, in the year 1883. Since than, Kohler have been known for their bathtubs. The premier material used for the Kohler's bathtub is cast iron.

Kohler bath modules are known for the combinations of bath and showers that are designed for modern homes. These modules come in different shapes and sizes that are designed to install in variety of configurations.

The biggest benefit of Kohler bathtubs is their easy to install designs, slip resistant finish and each bath has its unique touch for safety, comfort and convenience. Fiberglass and Acrylic are the two durable materials used for Kohler's shower and bath modules.

Kohler also has a large selection of whirlpool bathtubs designed for you to relax and reinvigorate you.

American Standard bathtubs

American Standard has their brand name all over the world. They are known for their perfected enameling cast iron bathtubs. Since the year 1883, American standard bathtubs have been popular because of the various designs and their easier to clean bath tubs.

There are various kinds of American Standard bathtubs. These include the Standard Collection bathtub, also known as a soaking bathtub, the Enfield tub, the Reminiscence Slipper Soaking bathtub, the Town Square bathtub, the Savona Oval bathtub, the Spectra Cast Iron bathtub, the Ellise Oval bathtub, Cadet corner bathtub, Scala corner tub, Princeton Above-floor Cambridge tub, Colony bathtub, Huron Recess bathtub and Solar Recess bathtubs.

The cost of all the tubs mentioned above ranges from 0-00.

Porcher Bathtubs

The leading designers have created Porcher bathtubs. These tubs will make you comfortable in helping to design your own bathroom that makes your own style statement.

So if you are into making a one-of-a-kind bathroom, then Porcher bathtubs are recommended for giving your bathroom an exclusive look.

Porcher bathtubs are offered in four different collections - The Classique Collection, The European Fashion Collection, The Traditional Collection, The Designer Resource Collection.

MAAX Bathtubs

MAAX was founded in 1969 and is a Canadian company based in Quebec. MAAX has since been producing variously designed bathtubs. They are the third largest manufacturer of fiberglass tub showers.

Some of the Collections of MAAX in the US:

o The MAAX Pearl collection is specially designed for hydrotherapy at home and these come in about twenty-five different styles.

o The MAAX villa are acrylic bathtubs designed for new construction (they can be found in twenty-seven different styles)

oThe Advanta line of MAAX bathtubs has a contemporary design and features, and these can be found in sixteen different styles.

o The MAAX Collection bathtubs have distinct features and are available in eighteen different models.

In conclusion, it's worth it when you spend your money on the good things that deserve to be brought home. These four brands are worth every cent you spend on them!

Go For The Trusted Quality Of A Top Brand Bathtub

Rob Barnes writes for Bathtubs For You, a consumer guide to helping you select, buy and maintain bathtubs, covering brands such as American Standard and Porcher bathtubs.