Treating Skin Rashes From Hot Tubs

Most of the common skin rashes originate from the chlorine from spa waters and hot tubs. While all of us may love to go for our indulgent sessions in a resort or spa it is a known fact that many hot tubs contain the harmful bacteria which causes these rashes.

What is the bacteria which causes this?


The skin rashes that typically happen from spas and hot tubs occur from a bacterium known as Pseudomonas Aeruginosa also abbreviated as PA. This bacteria is very nasty especially as it can bring about a host of other infections as well. Some of these infections include urinary tract infection, Swimmer's Ear, HotTub Lung syndrome and even Dermatitis.

Treating Skin Rashes From Hot Tubs

How does it spread?

People who do not shower properly before they enter into a hot tub can cause formation of oils and grime in the water. This is what this bacteria PA thrives on. If the sanitation and hygiene of the place is questionable then the bacteria can multiply rapidly. It primarily attacks the hair follicles on the body and can spread skin rashes rapidly.

Typical symptoms to look out for:

If you have been swimming in a hot tub and notice any of the following then you can be sure you got skin rashes:

  • Within 8 hours to 2 days you notice an itchiness on the skin
  • If you experience an itchiness or rash on the torso, legs or arms
  • If you don't treat it and the rash goes away on its own in 7 or 10 days

How you can prevent this?
If you are a spa owner and wish to prevent skin rashes from occurring in your customers then try the following:

  • Remove water from spa
  • Soak filter in chlorinated water
  • Fill up water again till the jets
  • Use a chlorinating concentrate (4 times more than regular dose)
  • Circulate water for 3 hours or so
  • Use a cleaner for plumbing out any bio-film accumulation
  • Refill new water

What if you got the rash?
If you have contracted the rash then you can use either Emu oil directly or in a lotion form. Both work effectively. Emu Oil will remove any scars or rashes you have while soothing the skin. It will also help get rid of the itchiness and redness you are experiencing. Plus, since it penetrates deep into the skin the rash will be gone soon.
Emu Oil is an anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial.  It is transdermal and works deeply to heal skin rashes fast.

Treating Skin Rashes From Hot Tubs

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